Our Role in Research

Social Prescribing Link Workers are introducing change to highly institutionalised environments; proper research has a huge role in investigating the change and implications to inform practice and policy.​

The link worker model is part of the solution to healthcare delivery shortcomings that have led to some of its challenges. As a new and growing profession, there are significant research gaps and opportunities (primary and community-based, and social and wider determinants of health research are now in focus after years of underfunding).

Our role

  • Giving legitimacy to the work of social prescribing link workers, standardisation of the role, contextualising issues and solutions, endorsing and shaping the link worker model
  • Recognising, enabling and promoting a research culture and engagement amongst Social Prescribing Link Workers
  • Improving access to research information
  • Bridging research and practice by working with researchers and institutions
  • Carrying out research to investigate issues concerning our members and the profession.
  • Ensuring high quality workforce and evidence informed practice.
  • Developing and promoting social prescribing link workers peer researchers.

Supporting member's research

  • Skills training
  • Grant and funding
  • Awards
  • Showcase
  • Supporting development as a peer researcher

Working with partners

Working with institutions and organisations whose research focus aligns with our research priorities or in recruiting or developing social prescribing link worker peer researchers.