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Welcome to the Award Winning & Exclusive Professional Home For Social Prescribing Link Workers

We are the unifying professional identity for social prescribing link workers, leading the way in setting standards and serving as the guiding force for practitioners. As the bedrock of the profession, we are unwavering in ensuring safety and promoting evidence-based practices. Operating independently, our membership reflects the dedication of social prescribing link workers in providing high-quality services to patients and communities.

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We are members of Professional Associations Research Network (PARN). This confirms our commitment to good practice and better serve our members. The Professional Association Research Network (PARN) is a not-for-profit membership organisation for professional bodies, offering expertise, experience, and perspective on key issues in the sector.

As part of our membership, we have access to a range of resources, research, and a network of professional bodies (regulatory and non-regulatory) to learn and share with each other.


Independent Collective Voice

We represent our members’ opinions on relevant matters to lobby for improvements and serve as the link to other organisations.

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