What we do

Professional Body for Social Prescribing link workers

What we do

The National Association of Link Workers (NALW) is a self-governing professional and representative body, representing the pinnacle of excellence for Social Prescribing Link Workers. Operating independently, our membership reflects the dedication of social prescribing link workers in providing high-quality services to patients and communities.

As the bedrock of the profession, whilst not a regulator, we spearhead standards, and advocate for the pivotal role of social prescribing link workers in healthcare. Serving as the guiding force for social prescribing link workers and a crucial link to other professional occupational groups.

Our commitment is unwavering in ensuring safety and promoting evidence-based practices within the field. Through providing invaluable insights and intelligence, we advocate for improvements in both policy and practice related to social prescribing. NALW serves as a unifying voice and professional identity for social prescribing link workers.

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