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Our membership structure is designed for flexibility, catering to the evolving needs of professionals at every stage of their journey, fostering career planning, development, and progression while addressing practitioner concerns and bridging gaps. This approach not only provides value to employers but also supports recruitment and retention, ensuring mutual benefit for both organisations and individual practitioners.


Employer Benefits

▪ Attract and retain staff, include membership of NALW in your offer

▪ Make your staff feel valued and enhance their professional status and career

▪ Access best practice resources and guidance

▪Our awards are now exclusive to members

▪ Save money, time and efforts

▪ Reduce risks and mistakes

Individual Benefits

▪ Enhance professional status and identity

▪ Stand out from the crowd with post-nominal letters membership certificate, and logo

▪ Gain access to CPD and development opportunities

▪ Opportunity for career progression, recogntion and accreditation

▪ Opportunity to lead, influence, win awards and enhance career

▪ Access to guidance, insights, briefings, and updates

▪ Free events and training with certificates

▪ Access peer support and be part of your community

knowledge sharing

Eligibility criteria

Associate Membership

Professional Membership

Accredited Membership

Membership Packages

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Professional Membership

£99.99/yr One Person

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£159.98/yr Two Persons

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£239.97/yr Three Persons

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£399.95/yr Five Persons

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£559.93/yr Seven Persons

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£799.99/yr Ten Persons

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Accredited Social Prescribing Link Worker Membership

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What Members Say

We are your single point of access that saves you from wasting time, reduce risk and burdens to link working.