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Our services are purposefully structured and priced to ensure that all of our members receive equal access, opportunities, and resources to progress regardless of employer. We firmly believe that Link Workers & managers are capable of achieving success with the right support, knowledge and resources. We are here not only to support your success but to also speed up the process.


Organisation Benefits

Our organisation sponsored membership gives Link Worker employers the opportunity to purchase membership for a group of their employees (Link Workers & managers). Many organisations have already joined us and are experiencing the advantages of investing in the professional development of their team. Having a competent and supported team is critical in your organisation’s success. At a time when attracting and keeping good staff is essential, let us help you achieve that goal. Let us help you exceed those expectations.

Take a look at the organisations already sponsoring membership for their staff.

Individual Benefits

Our self sponsored membership empowers individuals to excel and reach new heights. Even though you are a lone member you can have the power of a pack! Individual memberships make sure that you still have access to all the tools and resources that you need to succeed. Our peer support initiative also welcomes you to be part of a caring community that strives to surpass together.

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Membership Packages

We offer various kinds of membership that welcomes all individuals and organisations. Find one that suits you today!

Standard Membership

Standard members are given full & immediate access to the support and development tools mentioned below

£99.99/yr One Person

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£159/yr Two Persons​

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£239/yr Three Persons​

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£399/yr Five Persons​

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£559/yr Seven Persons​

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£799/yr Ten Persons​

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Comprehensive Membership

£599/yr per person

Gain that bonus advantage. Comprehensive members are given full access to the broader support and development tools mentioned below

£599/yr One Person

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£1198/yr Two Persons

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