Partnering with us


Principles of Partnership

  • NALW is open to working with and accepting support from other organisations from all sectors.
  • Partnerships must offer the opportunity to support and further NALW’s mission and purpose and share and abide by our core values.
  • NALW and any partners always remain independent organisations.
  • Any partnership or sponsorship that is for a longer term must meet requirements for the partnership category
  • Use by partners of NALW’s name, logo or branding may not occur without prior permission and all copy relating to NALW must be pre-approved.
  • NALW will not enter into partnership with companies whose principal product, or suite of products, or services contradict or undermine efforts to demedicalise social issues, reduce inequalities, promote equitable access and improve community health.
  • NALW reserve the right not to work with any organisation they so choose. This applies even when the above principles are met.
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