About Us

Professional Body for Social Prescribing Link Workers

About Us

National Association of Link Workers is the only professional body for Social Prescribing Link Workers in the UK. We are committed to upholding confidence and integrity of the profession by ensuring patients and communities receive high quality social prescribing services. Our members commit to high quality social prescribing professional practices and standards by maintaining Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and adhering to our code of practice. We produce social impact activities to deliver our cause and social mission. As a social enterprise, our strengths lie in our memberships.

We are members of Professional Associations Research Network (PARN). This confirms our commitment to good practice and better serve our members. The Professional Association Research Network (PARN) is a not-for-profit membership organisation for professional bodies, offering expertise, experience, and perspective on key issues in the sector.

As part of our membership, we have access to a range of resources, research, and a network of professional bodies (regulatory and non-regulatory) to learn and share with each other.


Our cause

Resilient and capable Social Prescribing Link Workers achieving improved quality of life for themselves and the communities they serve.

Social mission Statement

To promote the role and value of Social Prescribing Link Workers, support and develop them to improve quality of life for themselves, their clients/patients, and communities.

Vision Statement

Social Prescribing Link Workers are recognised as essential to delivering holistic care in any health & care system. NALW is recognised as crucial to the success of Social Prescribing Link Workers 

Values Statement

To deliver our social mission and vision, our approach will be guided by our 5 values.

Social Innovation

We are committed to meeting the needs of link workers now and in the future.


We listen to what matters to link workers and co-produce solutions.


We respect people, value diversity and inclusion and are committed to equality.


We are committed to a culture of openness and collaboration to maximise social impact.

Professional Integrity

We strive to preserve the professional integrity and quality of the link worker profession.

Our Aim

Promote link worker professional standards and practice

Unite the voices of link workers

Increase link worker connectedness

Build link worker capability and resilience

Branch Networks