Spotlight- Graeme Hill, Accredited Level 5 Certificate in Social Prescribing Practice Qualified

Spotlight- Graeme Hill, NALW Accredited Level 5 Certificate in Social Prescribing Practice Qualified

What motivated you to pursue the Accredited Level 5 Certificate in Social Prescribing Practice Course?

To build a much deeper understanding of social prescribing. I have an in depth understanding of the social model of disability and was interested to learn how the social model was applied to the NHS. I also feel it important to introduce an education framework into social prescribing in an environment which is populated by people highly qualified. Social prescribers are very experienced people very good at their job but providing an education framework will raise their profiles and potentially provide support in carving out a career development pathway. Social Prescribing is introducing essential changes required in the NHS. It identifies health inequalities but also provides a framework for people taking back control and encouraging responsibility for your own health improvement. This course helps build a better understanding of how to achieve this.

Could you share some of the specific benefits and insights you gained from completing the Course?

  • The depth the course takes you to in understanding social prescribing. The impact that health inequalities have on a person and the depth we need to work to change those circumstances.
  • Building a better understanding of the social model of health. It clearly illustrates how supporting changes can reduce a dependency on pharmaceuticals.
  • The course also put me in contact with leads in other sectors for example pharmaceuticals and a realisation of their drive to see change and reduction in dependency on medicine.

If you could message organisations and individuals considering this course, what would it be based on your experience and its impact?

This course will enable you to work more effectively with other sectors in the health service i.e. GP’s, Pharmacists, Nurses, Mental Health, Health Care Assistant. It provides a clear understanding of social prescribing and the ability for you to provide a framework for your work building respect and the clear need for social prescribing to grow in the NHS


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