Spotlight- Emma, Accredited Certificate in Supervision Practice Qualified

Spotlight- Emma, NALW Accredited Certificate in Supervision Qualified

What motivated you to pursue the Accredited Supervisor Course?

  • Demonstrate my professional development.
  • Provide evidence of being a trusted and accredited supervisor through the NALW recognised standards of proficiently.
  • Increase the quality and value of effective supervision to deliver excellent professional standards with the SPLW workforce and improve wellbeing, work environment and culture, leading to better outcomes for patients and carers.

Could you share some of the specific benefits and insights you gained from completing the Accredited Supervisor Course?

  • Skills to improve performance, solve problems and achieve goals.
  • A forum for sounding out ideas.
  • Renewed energy.
  • Increased confidence in the support of the SPLW workforce.
  • Tools and tips that can be used for ongoing personal and professional development.

If you could message organisations and individuals considering this course, what would it be based on your experience and its impact?

  • Effective supervision has a range of benefits for the individual receiving supervision, the workforce and patient care, such as job satisfaction, reduced stress, and better care.
  • I call to action all organisations and individuals looking to address embedding the quality, safety, and retention of all SPLWs, by considering this course.
  • We need committed supervisors to ensure all SPLWs are supported and looked after and given all they need to excel and not only survive.
  • Ensuring a greater understanding of the value SPLWs bring to primary care, communities and patients is essential.


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