Spotlight- Casey, Accredited Certificate in Supervision Practice Qualified

Spotlight- Casey, NALW Accredited Certificate in Supervision Qualified

What motivated you to pursue the Accredited Supervisor Course?

I enjoy learning as a person and value very highly personal growth and development. Supervision as a link worker in my experience has been inconsistent in its approach. I am very passionate about the work of Social prescribers and I feel with good supervision more link workers will feel confident it their work, their abilities and senior managements understanding of what a virtual role they play in the personalised care agenda.

Could you share some of the specific benefits and insights you gained from completing the Accredited Supervisor Course?

This course has given me the space to reflect on my practice as a supervisor and supervisee and the connection, relationship and importance of both roles to be effectively supported when working with complex people and local communities.

This course has reinforced the importance of structured formal supervision to validate the profession and highlighted the training need for supervisors supporting link workers. The role is very unique and this makes it wonderfully adaptable to different people and communities and with good supervision, collaboratively conducted great things can happen.

If you could message organisations and individuals considering this course, what would it be based on your experience and its impact?

Good quality supervision for SPLW, working with complex people and developing community resources should be as natural as breathing. I should not have to argue why it is needed, you should have to argue why you do not provide it? It is morally and ethically essential for people working with people to be supported effectively and not to do so, demonstrates a lack of commitment to the workforce retention, and allows a throw away people culture in the organisation and a lack of duty of care to staff and those they support!

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