Response to the Scottish Parliament Public Audit Committee Report on Adult Mental Health

Response to the Scottish Parliament Public Audit Committee Report on Adult Mental Health

We welcome the recommendations outlined in the Scottish Parliament Public Audit Committee Adult Mental Health Report published today. It is heartening to see the recognition of the vital role that community link workers fulfil in supporting individuals with their mental health challenges included in the report. The report rightly emphasises their critical role within the primary care services workforce.

Of paramount importance is the committee’s call for assurances from the Scottish Government regarding the funding of community link workers, emphasising equitable support across Scotland, encompassing both urban and rural areas. Additionally, the committee’s request for inclusion of the number of community link workers to be recruited in the upcoming costed delivery plan reflects a proactive approach toward addressing mental health needs. It is a crucial aspect that aligns with effective planning and implementation.

Furthermore, the committee’s endorsement of our suggestion to the Scottish Government for a national awareness campaign amplifies the importance of empowering the public with information about the invaluable support provided by community link workers so they don’t suffer in silence.

Looking ahead, we anticipate the Scottish government’s consideration and integration of these recommendations into their policies. We are optimistic that collaborative efforts will lead to the realisation of improved mental well-being and prosperity across Scotland and stand ready to support.

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