Professional Body for link workers


Our Knowledge & Resources Library is where members will find useful resources & templates to demonstrate competence, increase professionalism, identify development opportunities and tools to excel . Feel free to log in to browse through the Knowledge Library to level up your success for high-quality Social Prescribing.

Code of Practice

As a member of the National Association of Link Workers, Link Workers and employers are expected to comply with the standards of professional conduct and practice as set out in our Code of Practice. The codes have been produced from the ground up to guide Link Workers and their employers. It is non-model specific which increases consistency in professional practice, ensures professional competence and public confidence.

Learning Syllabus

Continuing Professional Development Guidance

NALW recognizes professionalism through continuous learning. We have built a learning syllabus that endorses quality progression of all our members through support and tools to achieve career and social prescribing success.

The learning syllabus is a valuable reference tool and checklist to enable Link Workers and Employers succeed. The syllabus is essential for:

Link Workers

To help build a professional career, enhance prospects, determine continuing professional development needs.

Employers and Managers

Aid recruitment, training, retention, career planning. Determine Link Workers continuing professional development needs.

Case studies

Press releases

The role of social prescribing link workers in reducing health inequalities