Professional Development

Professional Body for link workers

Professional Development

Our Professional Development is structured to enable lifelong learning. Continuing Professional Development (CPD), otherwise known as ‘lifelong learning’, is the structure of learning and development which contributes to your competency in the field.

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Professional Learning Programme (PLP)

Our PLP involves more than theoretical knowledge. It is aimed to upgrade your skill-sets and teach you how to apply them in the real world!

Here is how the PLP will help you:

PLP Courses

Our PLP is helpful whether you are new, experienced, or just want to enhance your knowledge and skills. Our professional learning programme consists of  4 certification courses. See PLP courses

CPD Features

 The online format allows all learning content to be readily available on any device, anytime, and anywhere!


Participate and access on-demand webinars that are facilitated by professional leaders. Make use of webinars to widen your horizons, learn new practices and ask questions.

Peer Clinical Supervision/Reflective Practice

Held in small group sessions, Peer Clinical Supervision/Reflective Practice provides a safe space for Link workers to reflect, offload, learn, and exchange ideas with their peers facilitated by a supervisor. This allows members to feel supported and connected to one another. Reflective practice and clinical supervision is key to your personal development and effectiveness.

Peer Mentoring

It is proven that peer mentoring increases productivity and motivation in staff morales. By working closely with peers, not only do you build your own resilience and learn from other practices, but you also get to support those who aspire to improve too.


We provide an engaging UK peer community that allows members to network, get support, share best practice tips and ideas. It’s all part of life-long learning and providing psychological safety to improve wellbeing.

Join our ever-growing online community of UK Link Worker and manager members. Meet colleagues who are as motivated and driven as you! Step out of your comfort zone to grow meaningful and professional connections.