NALW Service User Reference Group

NALW Service User Reference Group

At the National Association of Link Workers (NALW), we believe in the power of coproduction; our members actively collaborate with service users and communities to create solutions that genuinely matter and improve lives. Service users play a pivotal role in shaping link worker practices, and their perspective is invaluable in the development of social prescribing.

NALW, being a grassroots organisation, is steadfast in its commitment to working closely with people and communities. Recognising the eagerness of many service users to contribute to our work, we are expanding opportunities for involvement.

To ensure the needs and perspectives of service users are central to the development of social prescribing and link worker practices, NALW established a service user reference group. The primary aims of the group is to:

  1. Promote service user engagement in social prescribing policy, research and development.
  2. Raise awareness of the vital work of link workers and highlight service gaps
  3. Encourage service user and link worker collaborationĀ 
  4. Serve as a sounding board for NALW and offer input as needed.

The NALW Service User Reference Group operates virtually and currently represents residents of the UK. We anticipate bi monthly or quarterly virtual meetings to facilitate collaboration and discussion. Recognising the diverse interests eager to influence our work, we will require a full conflict of interest declaration and only service users who have lived experience of working with a social prescribing link worker can be part of the group. Group members will be expected to agree to a code of conduct and terms of reference which they will help coproduce.

At NALW, we are committed to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), ensuring a richness of perspectives and ideas. We welcome the active participation of everyone, with a particular emphasis on amplifying underrepresented voices.

If you’re intrigued and wish to learn more about joining our Service User Reference Group, kindly register for the 18th January briefing webinar here

We look forward to your potential involvement and the unique contributions you can bring to our collective efforts.

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