NALW Responds to Liberal Democrats Party Manifesto

We welcome the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto commitment to expanding social prescribing and investing in community projects to combat loneliness. However, we encourage a broader approach to community project investment that aligns with the principles of personalised care, ensuring that support is tailored to individual needs rather than focusing solely on loneliness. By broadening the scope beyond loneliness to include support services such as information and advice, healthy lifestyles, physical activity, employment, education, long-term condition management, etc we can better meet diverse needs as evidenced by our research on referrals.

To make this vision a reality, it’s crucial for funding to be directed towards enabling individuals to act as their own commissioners of social prescriptions, rather than adhering to a one-size-fits-all approach. Additionally, specific commitments are needed regarding the recruitment of social prescribing link workers to meet growing demand effectively.

For sustained success, long-term investment in social prescribing is essential. Please refer to our manifesto to learn more about our requests for political parties.

Christiana Melam MBE, Chief Executive of the National Association of Link Workers

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