NALW Council Elections 2023

UK NALW Council Elections and Key Dates

Since 2019, our champions programme has successfully identified and recruited representatives for various areas. As we’ve evolved into a stable and professional representative body, our next step is to introduce elected representatives, aligning with standard professional practices. Originally planned for 2022, unforeseen circumstances, including the aftermath of COVID-19 and prioritising our members’ needs, have led to a delay until 2023. Just like many professions, our profession is being developed by the grassroots (YOU), what a great opportunity for you!.

All professional or accredited NALW members currently practising as social prescribing link workers in the UK at the time of election are eligible to run for council. You don’t need specific experience—just a passion for your profession. Joining the Council offers an excellent opportunity to understand and influence NALW operations, represent your area, engage with other professional representatives from other professions, and partake in meetings on behalf of NALW. Involvement allows networking, skill development at the board level, and the distinction of being an elected representative, enhancing both personal development and career prospects.

Even if running for a position isn’t your preference, as a professional or accredited social prescribing link worker, you have the right to nominate and vote for candidates. Seize this chance to make your voice heard.

Key Dates: (please see updated dates)

  • Book Briefing session for members regarding NALW Council and elections: November 15th
  • Nominations Open: November 16th, 9am
  • Nominations Close: November 28th, 12 pm (Extended to 5th Dec 12pm)
  • Manifestos and Photo Deadline: December 6th, 12pm (updated date)
  • Candidates’ Meeting: December 6th, 5 pm (updated date)
  • Meet the Nominees (Hustings meeting): December 6th, 6 pm
  • E-Polling Opens: December 7th, 9 am
  • E-Polling Closes: December 11th, 5 pm
  • Results Announcement: December 12th, 12 pm

We anticipate Nationally Elected Officer positions for the 4 UK Nations.

We encourage all eligible members to actively participate and shape the future of our profession through these elections.

Council Meetings 2024:

Council meetings will be held virtually and in person during our annual conference, each lasting 90 minutes. Initially anticipated to be monthly, elected representatives will determine the terms of reference and frequency at the first meeting.

  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

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