Theme: The Creative Disruptors Reducing Inequalities & Powering Up Integrated Care

Campaign hashtag: #LinkWorkerDay2021

Read the press release here

How can you participate in #LinkWorkerDay2021?

1. Create a 1-2-page information/ infographic to showcase the impact of social prescribing link workers in creatively disrupting inequalities and powering up integrated care to engage local stakeholders and your networks (quantitative and qualitative impact showcase)

2. Hold stalls, talks, activities to, celebrate and showcase your local social prescribing programme. Be creative and consider partnership working- get beneficiaries and commissioners involved. Promote on all media channels including newspapers, radio, podcasts, etc. for maximum effect

3. Social media: showcase impact and promote your Social Prescribing Scheme on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram as appropriate using #LinkWorkerDay2021 on 8th October 2020

4. Blogs/Articles: showcase impact and promote your Social Prescribing Programme by preparing blogs and articles. Promote and pitch the articles for inclusion across media and communication channels possible.

5. Branding: Use the official #LinkWorkerDay2021, logo, social media assets for your social media profile to raise awareness, and to create your own fliers, etc.

6. Attend October 7-8 Link Worker Day Awards & Conference