Governance & Committees

Professional Body for Social Prescribing link workers

Governance & committees

Our governance ensures we have the right structure, processes, and people in place to allow us to be agile and innovative with a focus on meeting our aims, mission, values, and vision as a professional body.
National Association of Link Workers (NALW) is a professional body and social enterprise, founded by Christiana Melam in 2018.

Executive Board

Holds legal responsibility for directorship, strategic planning, and risk assessment. We are *new* recruiting board members in early 2024.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board works together quarterly to advise on in-depth strategies for the National Association of Link workers. They propel our association as a whole in the right direction to reach our objectives; specifically in terms of our cause, social missions, vision, and values. The board also
acts as our nomination committee.

NALW Council

¬†Represents members, providing overall guidance and monitoring of NALW’s general purpose and mission. See the upcoming election here

Professional Practice & Development Committee

The Professional Practices and Development (PPD) committee is a standing committee of the NALW whose purpose is to develop, inform and monitor our approach to professional development, ethics, and education standards, as well as guide the strategic objectives of the organisation in relation to CPD, accreditation, broadening career progression routes and professionalism.

Research Committee

The Research Committee (RC) is a standing committee of the NALW whose purpose is to develop, inform and monitor our research strategy, set our research priorities, oversee our research procedures, policies, and plans, and approve and review research projects in keeping with the strategic aims of the NALW.

Service User Reference Group

To ensure the needs and perspectives of service users are central to the development of social prescribing and link worker practices, NALW established a service user reference and is recruiting members. Get involved

Branch Networks

NALW supports its members centrally and through Branches in devolved nations Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England regions to ensure appropriate support and representation. Our members are automatically allocated to a network on joining based on their location. Branch networks are run by some members voluntarily and are supported by NALW.