Covid19: joy of community spirit

By Dani Lally

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t had chance to do my blog for the past couple of weeks as I have been having some I.T issues! I think our laptops and internet are feeling the strain of COVID19!!!

Supporting patients welfare

However, I have still been busy providing advice and support to patients by telephone, some days making up to 50 telephone calls a day. I have been ensuring patients have all the essentials they need whilst carrying out wellness checks.

I have been offering emotional reassurance and promoting a lot of meditation as I feel it is a good way of taking time out to focus on oneself.
I am by no means a mediation guru so I use guided meditation which is freely available on the internet and does the job for me, try it if you can.

Joy of community spirit

This week I wanted to share the joy of community spirit, I know I talk about this often but think community spirit is vital in times such as these. Its so refreshing seeing people give to their local community.

Within my local community two local lads have been dressing up as kid’s characters every Friday and walking around the streets to raise funds for local families bereaved by COVID19 and to replenish supplies for the local foodbank.  Every Friday morning all the little kids stand by their front door holding their money in their hand to throw into their bucket, all whilst maintaining  safe social distancing measures.

What a lovely way to spread cheer!

Take care, Dani x

Dani Lally- Social Prescribing Link Worker Champion

Dani is National Association of Link Workers Champion for North West of England providing localised leadership and support to Link Workers.

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