NALW Committees


Our committees advise on the activities of the Association.

Research Committee

The Research Committee (RC) is a standing committee of the NALW whose purpose is to develop, inform and monitor our research strategy, setting our research priorities, overseeing our research procedures, policies and plans, and approving and reviewing research projects in keeping with the strategic aims of the organisation.

To develop high-quality, robust and relevant research into issues related to and impacting social prescribing link workers, the research committee will:

  • approve and review research projects with regards to engagement with NALW members
  • set research priorities
  • ensure that NALW has appropriate procedures for addressing ethical, integrity and governance issues raised by the research of members.
  • support and monitor equality and diversity strategies in all relevant areas of the committee’s business.


Professional Practice & Development Committee (in view)

The role of social prescribing link workers in reducing health inequalities