Briefing: General Election Priorities for Social Prescribing Advocacy

🤝 Committed to a Healthier Nation 🌟 Delighted to endorse @nalwuk's #GeneralElection manifesto for holistic healthcare. Let's work together to prioritise well-being and bridge gaps in our healthcare system. #HolisticHealthcare #ManifestoCommitment #SocialPrescribing

Briefing: General Election Priorities for Social Prescribing Advocacy

What You Can Do Locally to Promote Our General Election Manifesto

The upcoming General Election presents a crucial opportunity for us to prioritise holistic healthcare delivery, as outlined in our manifesto. Your participation is vital in conveying this message to your local parliamentary candidates in the lead-up to the election and beyond. Party conferences commence in October, only a few weeks away, so let’s get to work now!

Our Stance and Purpose

Please note that the NALW (National Association of Link Workers) is a non-political organisation. While we actively engage with parliamentarians, we do not endorse any specific political party or candidate. Instead, we offer evidence-based solutions to address pressing issues. We aim to encourage political parties and candidates across the spectrum to adopt our stance and promote holistic healthcare.

Engagement Guidelines

Firstly, you should promote our manifesto on social media using the tweet examples below. And write to your parliamentarian as soon as you finish reading this. 

When representing NALW, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do: Clearly state that you are a member of NALW, which represents social prescribing link workers. Focus on raising awareness of our manifesto’s priorities and evidence-based solutions. If you are not a member, clearly state that you a constituent in support of the manifesto
  • Do Not: Engage in partisan political activities on behalf of NALW or endorse any particular candidate or party, even if they align with our manifesto.
Tips for Engaging with Your Parliamentary Candidates

During the lead up to the election, your parliamentarian and other candidates will be actively engaging with constituents. Here’s how you can make the most of these interactions:

  • Share the Manifesto: Present our manifesto to them and request their public commitment to our priorities. Since time may be limited, we’ve provided some suggested questions to guide your conversation below.
  • Write to your parliamentarian or party candidate NOW: share our manifesto, use the letter template provided below.
  • Personalise with Case Studies: Discuss your local case studies that align with our national priorities. These real-life examples can showcase the positive impact their support could have within your community.
  • Invite to a Meeting or Event: Write a concise one-page letter inviting them to meet or attend a relevant event. Highlight the three main messages in the manifesto and include short case studies. Attach a copy of our manifesto. 
  • Follow Up: Maintain the relationship beyond the election. Express gratitude or congratulations and encourage them to set up a meeting with NALW. Hold them accountable for any commitments made during your conversation.
  • Promote on Social Media: Request that they promote our manifesto on social media and tag @nalwuk. We have included tweet examples below.
Feedback and Contact

We value your feedback on the responses you receive. Please email us at to share your experiences and insights. Your engagement is pivotal in shaping the future of holistic healthcare delivery in our communities. Thank you for your dedication and advocacy.

Let’s work together to ensure holistic healthcare takes center stage in the General Election discourse.


Suggested questions to guide conversation
  1. Are you familiar with the National Association of Link Workers (NALW) and General Election manifesto for holistic healthcare?
  2. What are your views on the importance of holistic healthcare, considering the increasing challenges posed by mental health issues, social inequalities, and the broader concept of well-being?
  3. How do you envision the implementation of the manifesto’s priorities making a difference in our local healthcare system?
  4. Are you interested in hearing about these real-life examples of how holistic healthcare has positively impacted our community?
  5. Would you be willing to publicly commit to supporting the priorities outlined in the manifesto during your election campaign?
  6. Are you open to a follow-up meeting after the election to discuss how you can champion holistic healthcare in our constituency, working alongside NALW?

This question invites candidates to engage in future collaboration and advocacy efforts beyond the election.

These questions are designed to initiate a meaningful conversation and encourage candidates to commit to the manifesto’s priorities while considering the practical implications for your community. Remember to adapt these questions to the context of your conversation and be prepared to listen actively to the candidates’ responses. Your engagement can make a significant difference in raising awareness and advocating for holistic healthcare priorities.

Suggested tweets

Tweet 1:

🤝 Committed to a Healthier Nation 🌟 Delighted to endorse @nalwuk’s #GeneralElection manifesto for holistic healthcare. Let’s work together to prioritise well-being and bridge gaps in our healthcare system. #HolisticHealthcare #ManifestoCommitment #SocialPrescribing 

Tweet 2:

📣 Proud to Support @nalwuk’s #GeneralElectionManifesto 🏥 Our community deserves holistic healthcare, addressing mental, emotional, and social well-being. I pledge to champion these priorities for a healthier, happier future.  #HolisticHealthcare #ManifestoCommitment #SocialPrescribing 

Tweet 3:

🌿 Taking Action for Holistic Healthcare 🤲 Thrilled to champion @nalwuk’s #GeneralElection manifesto goals. Let’s transform healthcare, ensuring integrated care and a focus on well-being. Together, we’ll build a stronger, healthier society. #HolisticHealthcare #ManifestoCommitment #SocialPrescribing

Suggested letter to parliamentarian

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[Post Code]

[Email Address]

[Phone Number]


[Parliamentarian’s Name]

[Constituency Office Address]

[Post Code]

Dear [Parliamentarian’s Name],

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you as a constituent and a member of the National Association of Link Workers (NALW). (only include this bit if you are a member of NALW).

As the General Election approaches, I wanted to bring your attention to NALW’s General Election Manifesto for Holistic Healthcare. The manifesto emphasises the importance of integrated care and holistic well-being, addressing critical challenges in our healthcare system.

I kindly urge you to consider endorsing and publicly committing to the pillars outlined in NALW’s manifesto. Your support would be a meaningful step toward prioritising the well-being of your constituents and our community as a whole.

I kindly request that you review NALW’s manifesto. If you’re open to discussing this further, please feel free to contact me at [Email Address] or [Phone Number].

Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your Name]


The future of healthcare beckons. Will you answer the call?

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