5 point checklist for ‘Volunteer’ link workers

5 point checklist

Below is a list of what many of you have contributed, resulting in a co-produced 5 point checklist. (Note:  This is not an exhaustive.  Join in on the discussion!   Provide a comment to add or propose an edit.)


   1. KNOW yourself

  –    Your motivation for volunteering

 –    The role and scope of volunteer work you want

 –    Your ambitions

 –    Your abilities

 –    Your limitations

   Your boundaries

 –    Your measure(s) of success


   2. KNOW your organisation (provider of the service)

  –    Their purpose

 –    Their people

 –    Who they work with, their networks and how they are thought of in your community

 –    How they work

–    Their plan(s)

 –   Their accomplishment(s) and challenges

–   Their expectations of this role

 –  The support in place for this role


  3. KNOW your community

 –    Community culture

 –    Community way of working (processes, etc.)

–    Community plans

–    Community services

 –    Community networks


  4. KNOW the people you are to help

–    Their goals 

–    Their needs

     Their skills and experience

     The amount of help they will accept and wish to give

     Their current support and any gaps


  5. KNOW to network to accomplish all of the above well!


    To create a ‘connection’ of your own support with like-minded folks to ask questions of, exchange ideas with, gain tips and tools and sometimes a bit of refuge :-)) — JOIN our ‘connection link’ here


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  Click below for links to key documents or sites that may be of interest.

–    Improving population health:  https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/publications/what-does-improving-population-health-mean

–    Wigan-CLW-service-evaluation:  http://www.innovationunit.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Wigan-CLW-service-evaluation.pdf

–    Social prescribing:  what is it?  https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/publications/social-prescribing



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