4 social prescribing priorities revealed at NHS Expo 18

The NHS Health and Innovation Expo 2018 was held in Manchester on 5th and 6th September.

We were excited that this year’s Expo had a focus on prevention and social prescribing because we know that our health and care needs today are different from those the NHS was designed 70years ago.

As a result, adapting to patients needs means focusing on a personalised care approach and preventing the root causes of ill-health rather than waiting to treat it’s consequences. The good news is that social prescribing is one of the major responses to this.

We look forward to social prescribing and prevention featuring in the long term plan for the NHS. Help develop the plan 

These 4 NHS England Social Prescribing (SP) priorities were revealed at the event

  1. Support the commissioning of local SP community connector schemes as part of a personalised care approach
  2. Support mental health trusts to connect people to community groups
  3. This depends on partnership working, sustainable local voluntary organisations and community groups
  4. Support offer includes regional SP networks, online collaboration, Common Outcomes Framework, mapping existing schemes

What next?

We need a thriving social prescribing workforce to help increase positive wellbeing outcomes for themselves, individuals and communities.

Firstly, the social prescribing workforce should have access to this opportunity

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